1 x Dozen 500gm Treeton Hill Farm Fresh Eggs (Pick Up Only)


One dozen fresh TREETON HILL farmPasture Ranged Eggs (Minimum Total Weight 500gm per dozen).

You can pick up as little as one dozen TREETON HILL farm Pasture Ranged Eggs from one of our ‘Partner Pick Up Locations’ in your local area. All within 72 hours or less of being laid by one of our free TO FORAGETM Hens in our mobile and free ranging hen houses.

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Out of respect for these highly social and inquisitive birds, our goal at TREETON HILL farm is to sustainably produce wholesome food, utilising a traditional, ultra-low stocking density, extensive farming method. We achieve this by only free ranging up to 200 Hens per hectare of pasture (50 square meters of open range pasture per Hen), with mobile housing and enclosures that are moved onto fresh new pasture every week.

We believe this free TO FORAGETM method of farming provides our Hens with the greatest opportunity to live a happy and safe life with access to the best natural and freshest feed and water possible. It is, we believe, the most ethical and responsible way to produce most nutritious and freshest eggs for you, our valued customer and neighbor.

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 cm