We Believe

Paddock to Plate

Quality & Integrity

We believe in producing fresh and naturally produced wholesome food that we feel good about eating ourselves, feeding to our children, our grandchildren and sharing with our customers.

Ethically Produced

We employ rotational farming practices, promoting healthy farmland and a happy, safe & secure environment for all our animals. Avoiding the use of chemicals, pesticides & Herbicides on farm and we are working towards true Organic Farming status.

Farm Direct – Maximum Freshness

We provide Farm Direct Logistics to our Farm Partners & Customers. This maximizes freshness and minimise costs. Our Paddock to Plate Farm Fresh Eggs laid by our Pasture Raised & Free to Forage Hens are collected, graded for quality, packed and delivered by us to one of our Farm Partners near you all in less than 72 hours.

Community –  Zero Waste, Zero Harm

We believe in being a good neighbor, aspiring to a ‘Zero Waste, Zero Harm’ business policy, therefore we not only set aside a portion of our first quality production to help support organizations like Manna Inc, feeding the Homeless and Needy around Perth, but we also collect any unsold but good quality eggs from our Partners to further assist Manna Inc and others in their good work. It is the Aussie way, the right thing to do, and it just makes good business sense.

Our Hens live

Free to Forage.

Free to Nest.

Free Access to Pasture.

TREETON HILL farm Pasture Raised Eggs – Free to Forage Hens, a truly renewable resource, naturally sustainable and ethically managed.

TREETON HILL farm is a family owned and managed 35 hectare (86 acres) working farm, located in the pristine farming Cowaramup/Margaret River wine & farming region of South Western Australia. Our farm animals enjoy a life on our southern paddocks set amongst remnant and old growth Tuart, Jarrah, Grass Tree and Kingia forests, drinking fresh rainwater collected in our dam or from the roofs of our onsite buildings and the mobile Hen Houses.

Our Hens are also free TO FORAGETM for worms, grubs and other insects around their Mobile Hen Houses, while also feeding on the best quality organically managed fresh pasture and locally sourced regional as well as GM Free grains the South West of Western Australia has to offer . We are working towards attaining true Organic farming status and avoid the use of chemicals to control weeds or fertilizing our pasture, preferring to let our Hens naturally spread manure and turn the soil.

Free to Forage


We passionately believe in the ‘Paddock to Plate’ principal, knowing exactly where your food comes from, how it is produced and supporting regionally local and economically viable, small scale farming practices, businesses and supply chains. Our mission is to ensure our customers get the freshest, highest quality and best tasting products possible, direct from our Farm to your Home at sustainably fair prices.

Farm-direct fresh and naturally produced wholesome food that we feel good about eating ourselves, feeding to our children, our grandchildren and sharing with our customers & neighbors.


Lush Farmland

located in the pristine
farming region of Margaret River in South Western Austrlia.

Pasture Focused

Naturally sustainable

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