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TREETON HILL farm Pasture Raised Eggs – Free to Forage Hens, a truly renewable resource, naturally sustainable and ethically managed.

At TREETON HILL farm we strongly believe in community and looking out for our neighbors. Not everyone can be a Farmer, enjoying all the benefits and blessings of the fresh air and open spaces in the pristine and beautiful Margaret River Region of South Western Australia. Where ancient forests meet the surf and we can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Southern Indian Ocean.

We also believe that knowing exactly how your food is produced, where and by whom, is vitally important to our customers. So you too can experience that super fresh taste sensation of ethically farmed eggs with smooth brown shells and rich golden yolks.

We have developed a sustainable ‘Paddock to Plate’ logistics system via our selected Farm Partner locations in the South West and around the Perth metropolitan area. This has allowed us to make our produce available to all our family, friends, neighbors and customers, as quickly as possible and at the fairest cost we can responsibly achieve. Effectively making all our customers ‘Down South Locals’ and friends.

Our Hens live

Free to Forage.

Free to Nest.

Free to Access Fresh Pasture.

Zero Waste - Zero Harm

We believe in being a good neighbor and diligent custodian of the land we have been entrusted with for future generations, aspiring to a ‘Zero Waste, Zero Harm’ business policy. That is, if you see a need in your community that you can help with, or a way to reduce waste and improve the environment without causing harm and can do something about it, then do it.

Therefore being a good neighbor at TREETON HILL FARM™ means we pick up any unsold eggs at our ‘Partner Locations’ and deliver them to local charities and outreach programs such as Manna Inc to be immediately consumed or distributed as part of a fresh, healthy and nutritious meal for the homeless and disadvantaged around Perth and Fremantle as well as other local centres in WA. Eliminating waste, maximising, stock rotation, resulting in the freshest product possible at all times throughout the chain of supply for all our customers and end users.

As custodians of the land we also avoid using chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We also do not employ intensive farming techniques which tend to push the soil to its limits and exhausts the natural resources available. Rather we use our hens in ultra-low density rotational farming practices as part of our overall extensive farming practice, to fertilize and till the pasture, as well as control insect pests and spread manure left by other farm animals such as sheep and cattle. Unlocking the natural nutrients making them available to the soil and promoting healthy microbiological growth, earthworms and good fungus etc.

Why we do, what we do.

Because it makes sense and it is the right thing to do. It’s the Australian way to try and help with a hand up when we see our neighbor in need, to try and maximise peoples potential by minimising harm and waste, developing and preserving a viable future for the generations of Australians to come.

Aspiring to a ‘Zero waste, Zero Harm’ business approach makes good business sense too. By ensuring no eggs are more than 4 days old from the day they are laid and collected in our paddocks to the day they are delivered for sale and consumption, as well as a removal of eggs from sale greater than 14 days old minimises waste and maximises freshness for all our customers. This way we maintain the highest quality ‘Paddock to Plate’ products for our Customers, Partners, Friends, Neighbors and Family possible at all times, without harming the land that we have been entrusted with.

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